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Top Quick Ways to Lose Weight Quickly

Everyone knows the ways to lose weight. But what everyone wants is to try those methods that are quick solution to their accumulating fat deposits. In our fast lives, who has the time to experiment with weight losing techniques? Below are top quick solutions for your problem. These are not just effective but healthy and natural methods to get rid of that excess fat in your body.

Try Detox Drinks: It is tried, tested and proved […]

Pune Is The Top Destination for Cosmetic Facial surgeries

There are thousands of people all around the world who, when they see themselves in the mirror they, wonder what happened to the beautiful and attractive face that used to smile back at them before.
You don’t need to get upset if you seem to hardly recognize the effects of aging on your face. Aging is a completely natural process which eventually causes certain physiological changes in the body, some of which are more noticeable on […]

Get a Fresh and Youthful Look this Diwali in Pune

The coming Diwali is certainly on everybody’s mind. The celebration, the fervor and the festivities all culminate into one of the best experiences of life. Be it with family or friends, you always want everything to be perfect for Diwali. This also includes you of course.
While looking at the mirror lately, have you been seeing signs of tiredness on your face? Do you feel as if your age is catching up with you too early? […]

Are You Unhappy With The Way You Look Now?

In my years of being a professional beautician I have learnt that make-up can only hide the signs of aging. It is a fact that our bodies tend to change significantly as we get over 30. However, we believe in make-up so much that we also start to get into the misconception that make-up is the answer as you anti-aging solution for all needs. We have to face the fact that although the signs may […]

I want to organise the wellness sector

Dr Ashish Davalbhakta is a board certified cosmetic surgeon with majority of his training in the UK and US. After returning from UK, he released that the cosmetic surgery, cosmetology and wellness sectors were very disorganized. There were no centers which catered to beauty and wellness needs in one place that is wellness sector. Dr Ashish says, “I firmly believe that people want a one stop shop where sub specialties which cater to looking and […]

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The 4 C’s of a Total Mommy Makeover

You probably have heard about the 4 C’s of purchasing diamonds. They stand for the cut, clarity, carat and colours of the diamond in question and are the four factors one ought to consider when buying diamond jewellery of any type. Likewise, there are 4Cs which patients should consider when opting for a complete Mommy Makeover. Mommy Makeovers are a rage these days; and rightly so. Every woman has the right to look good, no […]

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