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Facelift Surgeon India

Pune Is The Top Destination for Cosmetic Facial surgeries

There are thousands of people all around the world who, when they see themselves in the mirror they, wonder what happened to the beautiful and attractive face that used to smile back at them before.
You don’t need to get upset if you seem to hardly recognize the effects of aging on your face. Aging is a completely natural process which eventually causes certain physiological changes in the body, some of which are more noticeable on […]

Get a Fresh and Youthful Look this Diwali in Pune

The coming Diwali is certainly on everybody’s mind. The celebration, the fervor and the festivities all culminate into one of the best experiences of life. Be it with family or friends, you always want everything to be perfect for Diwali. This also includes you of course.
While looking at the mirror lately, have you been seeing signs of tiredness on your face? Do you feel as if your age is catching up with you too early? […]

Are You Unhappy With The Way You Look Now?

In my years of being a professional beautician I have learnt that make-up can only hide the signs of aging. It is a fact that our bodies tend to change significantly as we get over 30. However, we believe in make-up so much that we also start to get into the misconception that make-up is the answer as you anti-aging solution for all needs. We have to face the fact that although the signs may […]

10 Most Sought Plastic Surgeries

Plastic Surgeries is a blessing to those who are either not happy with the structure of a particular part of the body or those who feel an inferiority complex due to deformity by birth. The surgical process brings excellent results and boosts the confidence and positivity. Here is the list of 10 surgeries that top the list.
Liposuction: It reduces the fat deposition beneath the skin on the stomach. A vacuum device sucks fat deposition and makes […]

Intragen- Best Laser for Skin Tightening – Dr.Ashish Davalbhakta’s article -The Asian Age – 22nd Sep 2015..

Is Your Facelift Surgeon India Using Shortcuts?

Did you know that many cosmetic surgeons in India actually use the term “facelift” in a rather misleading manner? All facelift surgeries are not created equal: there are different types of facelifts including an upper facelift, lower facelift, a full facelift or even half or mini facelift. Today, many a facelift surgeon India is known to take shortcuts in the classic procedure; s/he usually manipulates the original procedure to make it simpler and also help speed […]

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Face lift Surgery India: Difference between Mini and Full facelift

In our face lift surgery practice at Aesthetics Medipsa India, we often encounter patients seeking affordable means of looking younger and reversing the signs of aging without the associated high costs. A common question we are asked is “What is the difference between a full facelift and a mini facelift surgery”? Can the facelift surgery before and after photos explain these differences?
So, in this guide, we will consider the main differences between the two procedures […]

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The Best Facelift Surgeon in India can also give you a Non-Surgical Facelift!

If the title of this article has surprised you, we are talking about the ‘Vampire facelift’. As intriguing as that might sound, there are certainly no vampires involved here. The ‘vampire’ facelift is, in fact, a beautiful procedure that can give you a dramatically younger look without the associated high costs of a typically invasive face-lift procedure.
Read on for details….

What is the vampire facelift? Is it available at the best facelift surgeon India?
Vampire facelift is […]

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