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Get a Fresh and Youthful Look this Diwali in Pune

The coming Diwali is certainly on everybody’s mind. The celebration, the fervor and the festivities all culminate into one of the best experiences of life. Be it with family or friends, you always want everything to be perfect for Diwali. This also includes you of course.
While looking at the mirror lately, have you been seeing signs of tiredness on your face? Do you feel as if your age is catching up with you too early? […]

Are You Unhappy With The Way You Look Now?

In my years of being a professional beautician I have learnt that make-up can only hide the signs of aging. It is a fact that our bodies tend to change significantly as we get over 30. However, we believe in make-up so much that we also start to get into the misconception that make-up is the answer as you anti-aging solution for all needs. We have to face the fact that although the signs may […]

Reconstructive Surgery Turns Back the Hands of Time

If you ask anyone over the age of 30 how old she is, most women automatically have a tendency to lie. When the grey hair appears, and they do ever so fast, the first thing that most women do is to try out hair color. However, the rest of the face belies the color. That is why a face lift surgery to arrest the drooping eyelids and wrinkles plays a key role of Reconstructive Surgery […]

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