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Is Your Facelift Surgeon India Using Shortcuts?

Did you know that many cosmetic surgeons in India actually use the term “facelift” in a rather misleading manner? All facelift surgeries are not created equal: there are different types of facelifts including an upper facelift, lower facelift, a full facelift or even half or mini facelift. Today, many a facelift surgeon India is known to take shortcuts in the classic procedure; s/he usually manipulates the original procedure to make it simpler and also help speed […]

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The Best Facelift Surgeon in India can also give you a Non-Surgical Facelift!

If the title of this article has surprised you, we are talking about the ‘Vampire facelift’. As intriguing as that might sound, there are certainly no vampires involved here. The ‘vampire’ facelift is, in fact, a beautiful procedure that can give you a dramatically younger look without the associated high costs of a typically invasive face-lift procedure.
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What is the vampire facelift? Is it available at the best facelift surgeon India?
Vampire facelift is […]

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Facelift Surgery in India: Do Consider The Golden Ratio!

What is beauty? Why is someone beautiful to one but not to another? It was perhaps this very confusion about the definition of beauty that drove architects and pre-Renaissance-era artists to define ‘Phi’ –also known as the Golden Ratio or the yield of the Fibonacci series. It is believed that Mother Nature uses this very ratio to engineer many of her parts. From the seeds of the sunflower, to growth and blossoming of plants, to […]