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flat buttock Figure is all about body proportions. Good curves, projections and aesthetic proportions are what make you look good. Just like a good bust and a narrow waist are aesthetically pleasing, a good buttock projection is important for a shapely appearance in profile.

You might have a flat buttock due to lack of development in the buttock area, but more often loss of rear projection happens when you lose weight. Along with the loss of projection comes sagging of the buttock. To correct both these problems Fat grafting or buttock implants can be done.

Fat grafting involves injecting your own fat in to your buttock area. Buttock augmentation with silicone implants is another option, which gives definite and significant improvement instantaneously. With these techniques it is possible to get the classic Brazilian butt. Buttock augmentation is quite a popular procedure in Brazil and hence the term Brazilian butt.

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