Breast Augmentation
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Asymmetric During development of breast, the breasts might develop asymmetrically. The asymmetry might lie in the size, shape or position. This is often part of a condition or syndrome such as Poland syndrome or Tuberous breast deformity.

There could be several permutations and combinations of asymmetry. The asymmetry in size might involve one breast being larger, the other normal, or even smaller than normal. There could be associated asymmetries of position as well with one breast being lower than the other, a condition called ptosis. Rarely the breasts are in a totally wrong position such as arm pit laterally.


How We Will Help You

Recognising the exact pathology is important in rectifying the problem. This is done with close consultation with the patient. A large breast can be reduced; a small breast can be made larger with breast augmentation. Sometimes both have to be done in the same patient. A sagged large breast has to be lifted with a reduction mastopexy and made to match the other normal breast. This requires considerable skill and you need to consult a specialist with considerable expertise. Here at Aesthetics medispa, we offer this expertise.

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