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Sagging is a condition, which in medical terminology is called as Ptosis. This is said to happen when the nipple sinks below the normal position. Sometimes the whole breast sinks below its normal location. There are various grades to how much it has sagged and treatment can vary accordingly.

Causes and Telltales Signs

sagging breast Although this condition is prominently associated with aging, it also happens after loss of weight and pregnancy. This condition mainly affects those who have normal to large sized breasts. It is rarely seen in those who have small breasts. As we age, the ligaments holding the breasts become loose, the gravity acts on the tissues and make it sink.

Also, when the breast volume becomes smaller after pregnancy or weight loss, the tissue envelope becomes large and gravity makes the breasts sink.


How We Will Help You?

Prevention is always better and consists of using a firm supportive bra throughout ones youth. Good moisturisation of the skin and spa therapies using specially medicated oils can retain the elasticity of ligaments. We offer such therapies in Aesthetics Medispa.

However, once the condition is established, only surgical breast lift can help in correcting or improving the position of the nipple of breast. Please read link on breast lift for further information.

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