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Ear Problems are mostly developmental. However, sometimes people are born with badly shaped ears.

Signs of Prominent Ears

ears The commonest problem with ears is prominent ears or Bat ears. In this condition, the ears are bent more forward than they should be. This makes the ears look more prominent. Sometimes they are also larger than normal. Sometimes only one side can be affected, but often both sides are prominent.

This condition can sometimes be corrected by non surgical methods such as taping the ears back, but this is only possible if done within 1 month to one year after birth. After that, only surgical correction is the option.


How We Will Help You

The prominent or Bat ears can be pushed back with strategically placed stitches in the cartilage. This is done through a posterior approach, hence no scar is visible. This also does not lead to any significant deformity of the ear. The risks and potential complications following this procedure are also few.

Sometimes, the ear is large and needs reductions, but many times, the ear is small or cup shaped and suitable corrective surgery is necessary.

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