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If you have a small breasts or buttocks and feel increasing its size would improve your confidence and the way you look, we offer the option of scarless breast or buttock Treatment.

Traditionally breast and buttocks have been augmented with insertion of silicone implants. This would leave a scar of the incision. If you wish to get breast or buttocks Treatment without a scar, you have the option of injecting fat. Fat is the largest source of adult stem cells. After processing it can be injected and it gives reasonable enhancement. Half of what is injected can get absorbed and hence disappear. What is left behind is lasting. You also have the additional benefit of having fat suctioned from the area that is excess. Please read FAQ's for more information.


Who should have scarless breast or buttock Treatment?

Anyone who has a small size breast or buttock, without too much sagging can have scarless breast and buttock Treatment with fat grafting. If there is a lot of sagging, the sagging would have to be corrected. This would involve a scar.


What is involved in the procedure?

Under a general, regional or local anaesthesia. Fat is suctioned in the standard way. The fat is processed and injected in to the breast or buttock. The injection is done in multiple planes to improve the uptake of the fat. The injection ports are closed with single stitches. A compression garment is put on to limit the amount of swelling. It has to be worn for one and half of month.


What should I expect after surgery?

The fat that survives causes a rejuvenation effect to the skin. The tissues look fresh and youthful. The post op outcome is very similar to liposuction. The area that is fat grafted could be quite swollen and bruised for a few weeks. There could be some hardness or firmness in the area till the fat is assimilated in that area. Around half of what is injected could disappear. What ever is left behind is lasting.


Will I feel unnatural?

No, you will feel quite natural. There is nothing unnatural.


What can be done if not enough fat is left behind?

You can have further fat grafting in a few months time.


How many cup sizes can I go up with fat grafting?

Usually you can go up by about one cup size. If you wish to go up more than one cup size, then you should either seek Brava system or have more than one fat grafting.


What would happen if I put on weight after scarless breast or buttock Treatment?

If you put on weight, then you are likely to grow in size in the fat grafted area as well and likewise if you lose weight.

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