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vaser VASER or Vibration Assisted Sound Emission Resonance is the latest state of the art technology to reduce fat by liposuction. Sound waves at a purticular amplitude are used to shatter or dislodge fat cells first and then gently liposuction is used to remove the dislodged fat.

This allows for more thorough removal of fat and better sculpturing. There are also reports of excellent skin tightening after fat removal, which allows for better redraping of the skin.

VASER allows for easier and faster fat removal from difficult areas, thus allowing for more fat suctioning.

At Aesthetics Medispa, VASER is used for better high definition sculpturing. Please read FAQ's for more information.


Who should have VASER?

Any fit male or female with excess fat either in localised areas or generalised can have VASER. It works best in those who despite a good diet and exercise regime cannot shift the fat.


Is VASER liposuction results significant?

As long as you maintain your weight with a good diet and exercise, the improvement achieved with VASER is significant.


How long does VASER liposuction take?

The duration of VASER liposuction could take slightly longer than Standard SAL as some time is first spent in VASERING the fat. However this extra time spent is compensated by quicker aspiration of fat. As more and more fat comes out easily, more time is spent in sculpturing.


Is VASER Liposuction painfull?

Liposuction per se is not a painful procedure. VASER too leaves you numb after surgery. However, once swelling/ oedema sets in, there is discomfort on movement. The swelling shifts and hence hurts. Usually oral painkillers are adequate to control this discomfort. It rapidly subsides in a week or two.


Is VASER better than PAL or SAL?

Although the liposuction result may not vary much with each procedure, there are certain advantages to VASER

  • It removes more fat from the area.
  • It removes the fat faster.
  • There is considerable reduction in blood loss.
  • There is more skin tightening after VASER.
The final outcome from VASER or SAL or PAL is technician dependent and thus depends on the skill and expertise of the Surgeon.


How much does VASER costs?

The cost of VASER depends on the number of regions and the amount of fat that needs to be liposuctioned. For precise quote please email your photos in front and side views along with height weight and age details.


What are the risks and complications with VASER?

Most of the risks and complications of liposuction are similar with VASER. However there is a purportedly higher risk of skin necrosis or skin damage especially if superficial VASER is done. Skilled surgeons know how to avoid this.

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