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Breast asymmetry could be in size and/or shape of the breasts, position of the nipple or ptosis (sagging). The milder asymmetries may not need correcting, but when the volume difference is more than one-cup size of the bra, or the nipple levels are different, the asymmetry needs correcting.

Women with more than one-cup size difference frequently face psychosexual stress, even finding bras to fit becomes difficult. Extreme asymmetry is when one breast fails to develop at all (aplasia). Such women need not worry anymore as at Aesthetics Medispa we can analyse your condition properly and correct the asymmetry with a combination of procedures as indicated.


Breast lift or Mastopexy:

If one breast is smaller or under-developed, it would benefit by a unilateral breast augmentation. Sometimes both breasts are augmentated with different size implants to attain symmetry. In other cases, one breast may be larger than the other and may need a breast reduction to match the normal looking breast. If one breast is more sagged than the other, then it can be lifted up by a procedure called mastopexy. In tuberous breasts a special procedure which releases the constriction and reshapes the breast along with an implant or expander has to be used. Please read FAQ's for more information.


What are the causes of breast asymmetry?

Breast asymmetry is usually developmental, but could also be congenital (birth defects). During breast development, one side fails to develop and stays small (hypoplasia). In others, the opposite happens, and one breast develops more causing hyperplasia. Congenital conditions like Polands syndrome can also cause poor development of the affected side breasts and upper limb. Tuberous deformity is another congenital condition where breast is narrow and constricted and breast tissue appears to herniate out through this constriction.


Who should have it done?

Any female who has completed breast development and is distressed by any asymmetry in the size, shape, level of her nipples or position of her breasts should consider a consultation with an aesthetic Plastic Surgeon at Aesthetics Medispa, to consider the options for correction of the asymmetry.


What are the different options available for correction of breast asymmetry?

As discussed before, breast asymmetry could be due to a variety of reasons. One breast may be smaller or undeveloped and would benefit by a unilateral breast augmentation. In other cases, one breast may be larger than average and may need a breast reduction to match the normal looking breast. If one breast is more sagged than the other, then it can be lifted up by a procedure called mastopexy. In tuberous breasts a special procedure, which releases the constriction and reshapes the breast, along with an implant or expander has to be used.


What technique is used for the surgery?

The technique for the surgery would depend on what has to be done. Details on breast augmentation or reduction can be obtained from the respective pages. What is very important clinically is to assess the breast volume, so that we can match them perfectly. At Aesthetics Medispa, we use a unique special devise called external shell sizers, along with various measurements, to assess the existing breast and normal breast size and plan the size of the breast to be achieved. We have scientific evidence that this technique of assessment gives near about eighty five percent accuracy in matching breasts.

This is not the only way we assess the breast volume, there are many other formulas and techniques, which our surgeons at Aesthetics will be happy to explain to you. If an augmentation is necessary, an implant has to be selected that will fill in the volume difference between the two breasts. Some women want enlargement of both breasts, in that case a differential breast augmentation has to be done. If one breast is larger, then that larger breast has to be reduced to the size of the smaller breast. This is only possible if an estimate of the breast volumes of each breast is available. Sometime, both breasts are larger, although one is larger than the other; in that case a differential breast reduction has to be done.


What should you do if you wish to have breast asymmetry corrected?

It is important for you to seek an appointment of the Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon at Aesthetics Medispa. An examination and detailed consultation would educate you as to the best option to correct your breast asymmetry. He would also tell you the operative details and the postoperative course and care.


What to expect?

The postoperative course would depend on the type of procedure done to correct the asymmetry. The details of the postoperative course can be found in the respective articles elsewhere. However, on a general basis, you will experience swelling and bruising after the surgery. These will subside by three to six weeks. The breasts might be in higher than expected position and they will settle to a more natural and pleasing location and shape in three to six months.

After the operation, you may have mild to moderate discomfort, most noticeable only on movement. This is easily controllable with oral medication. In a weeks time most medication can be stopped.

We also strongly advise you to wear a firm supportive bra continuously for eight weeks. This helps in fixing the implant in proper position and reduces risk of rotation of implant.

Following your breast surgery, you will enjoy a new more pleasing shape, with better symmetry and in better position to your physique


What are the possible risks and complications?

Some are general risks that are common to many operations and some are specific.

The specific risks are detailed in the respective pages of augmentation and reduction. The risks and complications of tuberous breast correction are similar..


When will the results be visible?

The results of procedures to make the breast symmetrical are immediately visible. Final results appear gradually over the next few weeks as swelling resolves and breast size and shape settles. Incision lines typically will continue to fade over the next year. Over time, your breast can change due to aging, weight fluctuations, hormonal factors and gravity. However, your new enhanced breast contour and the freedom to wear the clothes you enjoy without the need for padded bras should bring you added self-confidence whether at the beach or boardroom

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