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Often some people are born with very prominent ears. I.e the angle at which it takes off the head is more, causing the ears to be more forward in position, and more visible from the front.

ear This is also called Prominent ears or Bat ears. This condition is treatable and the best time to treat this is when the kid is more than seven to eight years old. The ear cartilage is large enough to withstand shaping. There are other ear deformities which might need reshaping such as lop ear, cup ear or microtia.

The procedure we use to correct prominent ears is a modern popular technique, which involves reshaping of the ear cartilage with significant sutures. This technique is very safe and effective. The risk of complications is far lower than the cartilage cutting technique. Please read FAQ's for more information.


Will I need an admission for this procedure?

No, this can be done as a day surgery. You can have the surgery and go home.


What kind of anaesthesia will be necessary?

This procedure is usually done under a general anaesthesia, however it can be done under local anaesthesia as well.


What is the post operative course like?

You will have a dressing around your ears for five days. You may have difficulty in hearing due to the bulky bandage.


Is there a risk of relapse?

There is a tiny risk of relapse, which can be corrected, if required by a further op.


Is there a possibility of over correction?

Yes there is always a minor possibility of over correction. That can sometimes reduced by massage and splintage, however under correction is more likely than over.


What complications are likely?

There is a small risk of hematoma, delayed healing of the wound, wound infection and skin necrosis. We know how to treat these and can guide you through this.

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