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Hymen Restoration or Revirgination is a procedure to repair and restore a torn hymen back to its virginal state. Hence it is also called revirgination procedure.

The Hymen ruptures during the first sexual intercourse but often can also rupture during sport, or vigorous physical activity. There are many women who wish to have their torn hymen restored to its virginal status and this operation will do just that.

Hymenoplasty is a thin membrane like tissue which covers the opening of the vagina. It has a small opening to allow for menstrual fluids to come out. When it ruptures, tiny fibrous remnants are left attached to the walls of the vagina. These remnants are identified, and under general anaesthetic, they are repaired. If enough remnants are not available, small flaps of vaginal lining are used to reconstruct the hymen. This latter procedure is called hymenoplasty. Once it is fully healed, the opening becomes small and repeat sexual intercourse will re-rupture the hymen and bleed. For the sake of traditional beliefs and values, it is important for some women that at the first sexual intercourse after marriage the hymen bleeds. Please read FAQs for more information.


Who should have this done?

it is essentially suction of lipid or fat below the skin through small incisions and using a cannula and a suction device. A fluid is first injected in the fat to reduce the blood flow and dissolve the fat, hence it is also called Tumescent liposuction....

Any woman, who has a ruptured hymen and wishes to have it restored back to its pre ruptured status before marriage should consider this operation.


How can I get this done?

A Brief consultation with your Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon at Aesthetics Medispa will educate you about the procedure in an unpressured and professional manner. A clinical examination will allow the surgeon to determine how many remnants are still present and can be used for a repair. If few remnants are present or totally absent, he will tell you how complex the reconstruction is going to be. He will let you know if local flaps are going to be used for reconstruction. Investigations will be done to assess your fitness for a GA and then you will be posted for surgery. It should ideally be done soon after your periods.


Do I need hospitalisation?

No we do this procedure as a day surgery. You can go home after this procedure is done.


How long does this procedure take?

It usually takes an hour to an hour and a half.


What will be the post operative course?

You will be advised to rest i.e not do a lot of physical activity for approximately one week. You can continue with your normal light activity a couple of days after surgery. You can start taking your normal shower two days after surgery. You may be advised to douche the area with clean water or an antiseptic solution.


How long does it take to heal?

It usually heals in approximately one week.


How much pain would I have?

It is not a very painful procedure. It is perfectly bearable with oral painkillers.


When can I have sex after hymenoplasty?

You would be advised to abstain from sex for at least approximately three to four week after surgery.


Will I bleed after re-rupture of hymen?

It is most likely to bleed once re-rupture, however just as in case of primary rupture, there is no guarranttee that it will bleed significantly enough to be noticed. You may also have a few spots of bleeding which can be missed..


What is the cost?

The cost will vary on whether there are remnants available for hymen restoration or local flaps have to be made for reconstruction. After a consultation, your surgeon will be in a better position to advise you


What are the risks and complications?

This is a fairly simple procedure and does not have any major complications. Infection, soreness, delayed healing. Excessive tightness of the hole or failure of the hymen to rupture are also some of the rare complications. Very rarely, if it fails to rupture, it may need to be incised and cut.

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