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There is a frequent desire in men to increase the girth of their penis. Although girth and length increases are most sought after by men with inadequate size, men with reasonable size also come asking for an increase in girth and length.

There are many procedures described in literature to increase the girth, a safe and effective technique is Microfat grafting of the shaft of the penis. Another technique is synthetic dermis graft or implants. Please read FAQ's for more information.


Where do I begin?

A consultation with your Aesthetic Plastic surgeon at Aesthetics Medispa is the first step to learn how penis enlargement will help you. This consultation will fully educate you in a non-pressured environment and will include a discussion of your goals, options available for penis enlargement, likely outcomes, potential risks and complications.


Can you explain me the procedure?

The ligaments that hold the penis in its usual position ( suspensory ligament of penis) are cut which allows it to descend. The part of the penis which is buried and hidden gets revealed as the penis moves away from the body. This can increase the length of the penis by an inch or more. Girth can be increased by transplanting fat cells from other parts of the body to the penis, using microfat grafting principles. Fat is suctioned from tummy or inner thigh area using liposuction syringe suction technique, processed and injected under the skin of the penis circumferentially. It causes a uniform increase in girth.


Do these procedures last?

The improvement in length achieved after division of the suspensory ligament lasts. half of the fat injected after microfat grafting gets absorbed. What survives significantly. Synthetic dermis also lasts forever.


Will these procedures interfere in erection?

No once the tissues have softened after surgery and all the scars have matured, there is no interference with erection.


What are the risks and complications involved with this surgery?

Some of the risks involved with this are; scar tissue, downward erection and hairy base. Penis lengthening if done with V- Y advancement of skin at the base of the penis can leave a scar and advance hair bearing skin on to the base of the penis.

Rarely grafted fat may get absorbed differentially and cause unevenness.

Can length and girth procedures be performed at the same time?

Yes it can be done together.


Will this surgery kept confidential?

Yes. Aesthetic Medispa is bound to patient confidentiality.

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