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For those who wish to lengthen the penis, in both the flaccid and erect state, division of the suspensory ligament of the penis is the answer. With modern cosmetic surgical techniques it is possible to lengthen or elongate the length of the penis by an inch to two inches safely.

This is a safe procedure, which does not harm the penis in any way. The erectile function of the penis is not interfered with. It is a simple procedure done as a day surgery with minimum downtime.

Other methods of lengthening the penis would involve inserting an implant. Penile implants do not withstand friction and movement so well, and have a higher risk of extrusion. Please read FAQs for more information


Can you explain the procedure?

At aesthetics medispa the surgery is conducted in as a day surgery, under local or regionall anaesthesia. Incisions are made at the root of your penis (junction of your penis and abdomen area). The penis is then freed from its supporting attachments (suspensory ligaments) to the pubic bone. This gives additional length to the shaft of the penis.


Does it affect my erection?

Although this does not affect the hardness of the erection, the angle of erection may decrease to a certain extent.


Where do I begin?

A consultation with your Aesthetic Plastic surgeon at Aesthetics Medispa is the first step to learn how penis lengthening surgery will help you. This consultation will fully educate you in a non-pressured environment and will include a discussion of your goals, options available for penis lengthening, likely outcomes, potential risks and complications. .


Will the functioning of the penis be affected?

The functions (urination and copulation) are not generally influenced. However, the position of the erection will modify a little bit from more vertical to more horizontally..


Does the surgical procedure affect penis sensation?

Transient changes in feeling due to swelling and bruising are frequent after any surgery. Lasting loss of feeling could be a very rare side-effect..


Who should have it done?

Surgical procedures are best conducted on mentally balanced people. People who smoke are recommended to quit for two weeks before and at least two weeks after the actual surgery. Apart from these, men who are dissatisfied with the length of their penis can get this surgery done.


What are the possible risks and complications?

Common complications include bleeding which is generally caused by excessive activity soon after the procedure. Possible but rare complications include infection, decrease in penis sensation, keloid scarring, erectile dysfunction, or penis shortening.


When can I return to work?

You can resume your daily activities after a week. However it is better to two weeks off from work, especially if it is strenuous.


When can sexual activities be resumed?

We would suggest our patients to avoid sexual activities for at least four weeks. Treatment to decrease night stimulation is given ten days before the surgery.


What to expect after surgery?

The penis and scrotum are usually swollen and bruised for tow to three weeks. Pain is however not severe. Soreness in the groin and pubic regions which lasts for about ten days is controlled with light oral analgesics. The scar in the pubic area may take several months to fade but it is concealed and not usually a concern.

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