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Dark Circle

No one likes to see black half moons under the eyes. Everyone suffers from the problem of dark circles at some point of time. However some people suffer from it every now and then.
There are many misconceptions about dark circles; one of it is that dark circles appear due to stress and disappear after stress reduces. Dark circles actually appear due to leak in capillaries. Chemical peels and laser are some of the treatment options available for dark eye circles.


What causes dark circles under eyes?

Dark circles under eyes can be caused due to hyperpigmentation, visible blood vessels, iron deficiency, fat loss, ageing, as a side effect of certain medicines, lack of sleep and smoking. As there are so many contributing factors for under eye dark circles, it becomes necessary to first determine the cause than the treatment.


What treatments are available for dark circles under eyes?

At Aesthetics Medispa we provide laser treatment and chemical peels for dark circles. We also provide specialized Remy Laure under eye circle treatment. This treatment is very effective for under eye dark circles & eliminates bags & rings under the eyes; and helps relieve stress and tiredness.


What can you tell me about laser for dark circle reduction?

Laser treatment is widely used for reduction of dark circles. Laser does not just get rid of dark circles but also the dead and aged skin. For the same, a laser beam is passed over the upper layer of the skin, lightening the skin layer by layer. Some of the advantages of laser treatment for dark eye circles are faster recovery, minimal bleeding, less bruising and quicker recovery.


Where do I begin?

A consultation with your Aesthetic Plastic surgeon at Aesthetics Medispa is the first step to learn how dark circle reduction can improve your appearance. This consultation will fully educate you in a non-pressured environment and will include a discussion of your goals, options available for dark circle reduction, likely outcomes, potential risks and complications.


is this treatment safe?

As dark circle reduction is a non-invasive procedure, it is perfectly safe. Our aesthetics cosmetologist will observe you to minimise the risk of any significant skin reaction.


What are the possible risks and complications?

Possible risks include scarring, infection, reddening of skin. The patient may also experience darker skin tone and mild pain. Bruising and swelling can occur but subsides gradually. Burns is a possibility; however you do not have to worry about it as our cosmetologist will make sure no burns occur.


How long does Dark Circles Reduction Treatment?

It takes around one hour. This is one treatment that you can do during your lunch break too!

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