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LASER is a special type of light whose wavelength and amplitude is controlled to deliver therapeutic benefits.Scientists and engineers process the energy of light to be able to penetrate various depths of skin and deliver heat. This heat is absorbed by target tissue and imparts the therapeutic benefits often called as Photofacial.

Liposuction There are two types of LASERS used in facial rejuvenation. Ablative and non ablative.Ablative lasers are CO2 and Erbium Yag. These vaporise tissue. Vaporising tissue initiates a healing process which lays down younger and healthy tissue, newer collagen and more elastic fibres. Non ablative lasers are of different wavelengths, which only deliver heat which is absorbed selectively by. The tissue gets destroyed and cleared by our white cells. In the process, new younger and rejuvenated tissue is laid down. This works best to replace the old inelastic collagen ( protein fibre) to new elastic collagen, which improves the elasticity of skin. Pigmentation is cleared by non ablative lasers in a similar way.

A combination of ablative and non ablative lasers helps in rejuvenating the skin.

At Aesthetics Medispa, we have both types of LASERs and can package a perfect combination of ablative and non ablative LASERs to suit your skin problems and help you get rid of all blemishes.


Am I suitable for LASER Facial rejuvenation?

You should have a consultation with a specialist who would analyse your skin problems and judge the suitability of the LASER treatments.


What are the types of skin problems that will best cured by LASER facial rejuvenation?

Anyone with loss of skin elasticity due to sun damage, fine lines or wrinkles, solar pigmentation, and dull lustreless skin are candidates for LASER rejuvenation.


Can these treatments clear my problems in one setting?

No, LASERS are known to need a number of sessions for optimum effect.


What are the risks in doing LASER treatments?

If LASER is used judiciously they are safe, However, sometimes post LASER sun exposure or lack of skin care can result in hyperpigmentation. This post inflammatory hyperpigmentation is treatable.


What post LASER precautions am I supposed to take?

While the skin is healing, one should use a post laser recovery formula diligently. Absolute sun blocks or high SPF sunblocks are important to protect from hyperpigmentation while the skin is healing. The LASER nurse at Aesthetics Medispa will give you all the instructions.


What is likely to happen post LASER?

The post LASER sequelae will depend on the type of laser used. Ablative LASERs make the skin red and hot. It may scab or become dark. The scab or darkness falls off but may take approximately one week duration. It eventually does so. Rarely there can be hyperpigmentation, which will eventually settle. Non Ablative LASERS rarely cause any of such post laser sequelae.


What outcome should I expect following this treatment?

The skin should become brighter, smoother and shinier. There should be an improvement in glow. The pores should become smaller.

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