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Skin-Care Facial Treatment

Remy laure is a reputed French company, leader in facials & are specialists in natural moor masks. Extracted in the winters,fifteen meters under the frozen ground from the Canadian peat bogs very rich in humic acid, enriched with thirty hundred eighty minerals and active trace elements by centuries of slow evolution and protected from pollution. The mud effects are based on five characteristics i.e. astringent, absorbing, ion exchanger, cellular stimulant, antiphlogistic. It activates cellular metabolism, rejects toxins from the skin, improves skin texture and gives brightening effect. As it is natural, generous and effective, the moor therapy is the answer to environmental esthetic concerns.


Skin glow & Brightening facial treatment: ( For Brightening Effect, All Skin Type )

This facial skin care can be recommended for sensitive skin, tanned, pigmented & dull skin caused by sun exposure & hormonal imbalances. The product used contain sun filters which controls the production of melanin, the skin is brightened & looks flawless & radiant.


Anti-acne facial Treatment: ( For Oily Skin )

Oily skin is often thick with dilated pores & blackheads. This skin treatment helps to control sebum to clear up pimples, blackheads, whiteheads & more severe forms of acnes.


Deep Hydrating Facial Treatment: ( For Dry And Matured Skin )

This facial skin care is very good for dehydrated & matured skin as it provides moisture to the skin & protects the skin from external damage.


Rejuvenating & Refreshing Facial Treatment: ( This Treatment Is Very Effective For & After Menopause Phase )

The facial skin care is good for skin which is matured, dull & aged. The ageing process causes the skin to wrinkle & there is loss of suppleness, hydration & firmness. This facial skin care provides the nutrients to the skin which hydrates the skin & also tones & firms the skin.


Eye - Care Treatment: ( All Skin Type )

This treatment is very effective for under eye dark circles & eliminates bags & rings under the eyes. Also relieves stress and tiredness.

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