Facelift Surgery
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Terms & Conditions

  • These are guide prices of estimates of various procedures. Cost of the procedure would vary according to the severity of the problem.
  • It is advisable to email photographs for a detailed e-consultation and better estimation of the costs of the procedure.
  • The Service tax of GST 18.00% is extra and so is the cost of peripherals such as compression garments. Otherwise the price includes the pre anaesthetic fitness, anaesthetists charges, surgeons charges, drugs surgicals and medicines needed during surgery.
  • The prices quoted are for the mentioned surgery and if any further surgery is rarely required, that is extra.

Procedure Prices From (In Rs.) Prices Up to (In Rs.) Days Included
Excision of mole 10,000 13,000 0
Excision of mole X no. 7,000 x no 26,000 0
Scar revision LA 15,000 32,500 0
Scar revision GA/multiple 10,000 x no. 30,000 x no. 0
Scar revision with Z plasty or W plasty 20,000 45,000 0
Injection of keloid 700 2,000 0
Fat injection for facial restructuring 50,000 70,000 0
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