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Men too have breasts, which usually remain rudimentary. Occasionally they undergo development during puberty. In those in whom these breasts develop, but resolve on their own is called as physiological gynaecomastia.

In the others, in whom the breasts do not resolve spontaneously and there is no known cause for breast development is called as idiopathic gynaecomastia.


Introduction to Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Once the breast tissue develops and the development phase is over, it does not grow or reduce much. It might grow in size with increase in weight and the main component of such an increase is fat.
There is no proven drug that will reduce a well-developed gynaecomastia. Tamoxifen 20mg daily has been shown to work in the developmental phase and arrest the development of gynaecomastia. However, once it is developed, male breast reduction surgery is the only answer.


How We Will Help You?

male breast Traditionally, the breast tissue has been removed by a cut under the areola. This technique often had the risks of saucerisation and nipple inversion. Scar hypertrophy or visible scar were other problems. The newer technique of liposuction was developed combined with excision of residual fibrous gland. With liposuction, the fat in the gland is removed. If the fibrous element is not much, then liposuction alone is sufficient to give a very good result. If more of fibrous glandular tissue is present under the nipple,then gland removal through a very small incision under the nipple helps to remove it completely. The technique of liposuction usually does not need placement of drains and the risk of nipple inversion or saucerisation is low. The latest development that is also offered by Aesthetics Medispa, is Ultrasonic Liposuction with VASER. The ultrasonic emulsification helps to remove the fat more thoroughly and also helps in skin contraction. If you pay particular attention to muscle borders and edges, and liposuction there more thoroughly, with etching, we can deliver a very defined look. Some men are interested in having the suctioned fat injected in to the pectorals muscle.This is called 4D liposuction. It can make you look muscular and enhanced.

The results after this procedure are very satisfying. It is possible to give approximetly ninghty five to ninghty nine percent clearance of male breasts. It also helps treating puffy nipples. No marks are left behind.It is almost as if you never had this problem before. Read more on gynaecomastia correction.

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