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Hair loss is a problem which is affecting more and more of the youth and young people of our era. This phenomenon is particularly problematic in Indian subcontinent. The exact cause is not known, but is best explained by a multifactorial hypothesis.

Causes and Telltale Signs of Premature Aging

hair loss Hair loss could be secondary to a particular problem, such as infections, hair plucking, ticks, dandruff, severe illnesses and chemotherapy drugs, but more often it is primary i.e its cause is not known. Here a genetic trait is the underlying factor. In males, it presents as male pattern baldness - which typically starts as temporal recession and progresses to loss of hair on the crown. The sides and back hair is never lost. In females, the hereditary hair loss is seen on the crown as decreased density.


How We Will Help You?

A multitude of factors can hasten the onset of hair loss. Stress, poor diet which lacks class I proteins, lack of sleep, smoking etc. Recognising these and rectifying these factors can delay hair loss.

Medical treatment aims to improve the blood flow to the scalp, block the effect of testosterone and improve the nutritional status. This can reverse early hair loss, but cannot reverse established hair loss, where the follicles have become atretic and obsolete. Hence prevention is better than cure and for early hair loss, we have spa therapies to retard hair loss. Mesotherapy, where these agents are injected in to the scalp, is still in early stages to quantify its outcome. The only option for significant improvement is micro follicular hair transplant. Read more on micro follicular hair transplant.

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