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Nose correction is required in the following four cases; i.e. if the nose is deviated, it is broad in shape, depressed or nasal hump.

Deviated Nose

deviated-nose The nose can get deviated leading to a crooked nose due to one of the following reasons.

It could be due to an injury you may have sustained during the developmental period. An injury due to a fall or hit on the nose, which leads to a fracture of the nasal bones or septum, is by far the most common cause of deviation.

However, the nose can get deviated even without a history of such an injury, and is a result of differential growth of structures in the nose, especially the bones and cartilage.

Correction of deviation of the nose should be done after the period of growth of the nose is over, i.e sixteen years. Often cosmetic improvement can be combined along with it, such as reduction of a hump of the nose, augmentation of a depressed nose, narrowing of the nose or tip etc. It is important to realise that the twisted cartilage of the nose has a memory like a spring and has a thirty percent tendency to spring back to some deviation of its original self.


Broad Nose

broad-nose This is a common problem. Mostly genetic, but could also be developmental. Sharpening and narrowing such a nose is a common request.

A broad nose is one which has a wide alar base. If the alar base is wider than the inner angles of the eye, or the whole nose is wider than the width of the eye, it is said to be broad. The bony side walls of the nose should be eighty percent of the width of an ideal width nose. In a broad nose, it is perfect of the width of the alar base.

A boxy tip is one which is rounded, wide and curved. It often looks like a button on the tip of the nose. Narrowing such a nose has to be customised as per the requirement. If the bony part is wide, then an osteotomy and infracture (moving the bony side walls of the nose in) is required.


Depressed Nose

depressed This could be due to genetic traits, but often it is developmental. The nasal bridge is low. The take off of the nose from the face is low. Ideally it should be at the level of the upper eyelash line, when seen in profile.

Sometimes the nose is depressed due to injury on the bridge of the nose or surgery. If during the surgery too much of the septum is resected, a saddle deformity develops.


Nasal Hump Correction

Nasal-Hump Often the nose develops a bump or a protrusion ( like a hump) on the top. This can also make the nose look like a parrot beak. It is possible to correct the nasal hump by Rhinoplasty. The bony and cartilagenous excess is shaved off and the nasal framework is reconstituted. The tip of the nose is often pointing downward, this is lifted at the same time.

Read more about these corrections in the section on Rhinoplasty.

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