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There are some structural and physiological changes happening in one's face, which makes you look tired, even if you do not feel tired at all. Aging, stress, pollution, loss of weight and sun damage contribute to these changes.


Telltales of Tired Look

tired lookYou are a good candidate for facelift surgery if you face sagging of brows, droopy upper eyelids, and excessive folds on upper and lower eyelids along with eyelid bags and wrinkles. Frown lines on the forehead, forehead creases are some of the other signs of a tired look in some individuals. Overall, there is general sagging of tissues downwards as manifested by jowls and deepening of nasolabial folds. Along with these structural changes, the skin tone, texture, glow and complexion deteriorates too.


How We Will Help You?

Correcting a tired look needs a multi-pronged approach. The entire skin tone, texture complexion and glow needs to be improved. This can be achieved by a series of Combination peels, microdermabrasion, Rejuvenating Face Masks and LASER. Anything more significant surgical correction.


Brow sagging can be corrected by Brow lift, often done in combination with upper and lower eyelid blepharoplasty, helps decrease the upper and lower eyelid folds and creases. Botulinum Toxin is an excellent option to get rid of forehead creases and frown lines. Jowls and deep nasolabial folds can be corrected by face lift or Fillers.

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