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Everybody has a different perception of perfect lips. Some find luscious full lips attractive while some think of thin line of petite lips as appealing. No matter how your lips are, now feel comfortable with them with a lip augmentation or reduction surgery.

Lip The techniques for lip reshaping range from non surgical to surgical. At Aesthetics Medispa, we offer the full range of treatments to improve the shape of your lip, from injection of HA fillers to surgical augmentation or reduction. Please read FAQ's for more information.

What can be done to augment my lips, they are too thin?

If you have thin lips, injection of totally inert fillers can give temporary fullness. Injection of HA fillers is the most popular and commonly done procedure. It has very little downtime and can be considered as a lunchtime procedure. For those averse to anything-foreign going in their lips, fat grafting can be done.

Insertion of a Dermis fat graft can give fullness on a more permanent basis. For more localised improvement, sometimes lip advancement or rotation surgery can be effective.


What can be done to reduce the size of my large lips?

For lips that are too large, lip reduction surgery is done. It involves removal of a portion of the lip from the non-visible site. This can be done under local anaesthesia and the healing time is 8-10 days. Swelling may take up to two to three weeks to settle.


What are the risks?

HA fillers of a good reputed company and which are not permament are usually risk free. In the short term there could be some bruising or swelling, which subsides on its own in one to two weeks. Very rarely there is a possibility of Tindal effect, a condition where the fillers holds more water. This could give a little more fullness than planned, however this is very rare. Surgical correction has the usual risks of delayed healing, infections, firmess or hardness for a short time, till the inflammation resolves.


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