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What Is Intragen?

intragenVolume Loss, skin laxity and wrinkling are major findings associated with facial ageing. Skin Laxity can also be caused by several heritable connective tissue disorders. In the ageing skin, acquired skin laxity seems to be a result of the combination of intrinsic and extrinsic processes. A major extrinsic factor is ultra violet radiation (UVR), which can be potentiated by smoking. Monopolar radio frequency is one of the modes in which radio frequency can be used in medicine and cosmetics,Monopolar delivery of radio frequency for cosmetic rejuvenation is based on applying a single electrode to the treated area whereas the opposing electrode is relatively far removed so that the current goes deeply through the body. Asa result the tissue in the treated area is heated rather deeply (usually up to 20 mm) and intensely, which arguably increases both the potential benefits and risks. Monopolar radio frequency is typically used to treat skin laxity and sag,usually of the face and neck.

Who can do it…….?

Patients who desire more subtle results and quicker recovery times than are possible with surgical face lift procedure are often ideal candidates for Intragen. Skin tightening with the Intragen Grid Fractional Radio Frequency System is also beneficial for patients who are developing prominent folds and sagging in areas of the face but that are not considered suitable candidates for a traditional face lift.Intragen is an excellent treatment option for Patients who wish to reduce the appearance of subtle facial wrinkling and sagging skin. If you want to rejuvenate your face without undergoing a more invasive procedure like face lift,Intragen may be the ideal treatment for you.

What does Intragen treatment feel like?

Intragen treatment is very tolerable, and as such it does not require aesthesia. During the lntragen procedure, patients will experience a brief periodic heating sensationas the doctor applies GFR waves to areas of the skin The procedure involves quick applications of coupling fluids lightly for added safety.

Haw many sessions do I require?

One of the biggest advantages of Intragen treatment Is that no repeat procedures are required. By contrast,laser skin tightening procedures can require as many as 10 or more treatment sessions to produce desired results. With Intragen many patients experience excellent results To minimum six months after their first treatment. Indeed, most patients’ results will actually improve over the course of the first 2 months following Intragen treatment.

How long do the results of Intragen treatment last?

Intragen treatment is a quick and relatively comfortable procedure. The actual treatment may take any where from 20-40 minutes, depending on the scope of the procedure in question. The more area to be covered, the longer the procedure will be. A bit more time should be added for consultation with the physician before and after the procedure.

Is lntragen safe?

Intragen is an extremely safe procedure. There is usually little or no pain involved, and because Intragen treatmentis totally non-surgical and non-invasive, there is essentially no recovery time. Almost all patients are able to return to normal activities Immediately after treatment. All the side effects associated with Intragen are minor and generally temporary in nature.

Are there any side effects of treatment?

As with any other medical treatment, Intragen treatment occasionally causes some side effects. These are generally very minor and almost always temporary. Some of the side effects associated with Intragen include redness, swelling, blisters, bumps, and rarely some surface irregularities on the skin. In most cases, the side effects clear up in short time, with no permanent damage or injury.

Ideal Intragen Candidates

intragen intragen

Intragen treatments are designed for patients’ who desire more subtle results than are possible with surgical face lift. Ideal candidates for the treatment include:

Patients who are not candidates for surgical face lift

Middle-aged women beginning to show signs of neck/brow/eyelid sagging

Middle-aged women beginning to show signs of drooping jowls/cheek folds

Patients who want to achieve subtle lift or tightening of the face without Invasive surgery

Patients who have had a prior face lift and desire further tightening of the skin. Before undergoing the procedure, you will have a. consultation with a cosmetic dermatologist

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