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The latest & advanced way for transdermal penetration of cosmeceuticals and aroma products.

Principle of Electroporation

Human Skin is a tough barrier. Although it is an advantage, it becomes a disadvantage when we need to penetrate cosmeceuticals to the deeper layers of the skin.

Although this can be achieved by injecting the desired cosmeceutical into the deeper layer of the skin (Mesotherapy) this is a painful procedure and with risk of side effects.

Electroporation is the latest technique by virtue of which one can easily push products into the deeper layer of skin without injecting. Hence, Electroporation is also sometimes called VIRTUAL MESOTHERAPY or NO NEEDLE MESOTHERAPY. The device used for Penetration is called as Electroporator.

In Electroporation a Pulsating Current is applied to the skin Surface with a hand piece and this Pulsating Current creates temporary pores (electropores) on skin surface through which any topical agent applied gets penetrated into deeper layers of skin.

Once the electropores are formed, they stay open for a short period of time from seconds to a few minutes after which they close. It has been found that with use of Electroporation cosmeceuticals can be penetrated till the Subcutaneous level of skin treatmenst.

Electroporation can push any products upto 40,000 kda molecular weight that includes charged/neutral/synthetic/natural substance/Aroma Products.


Hence Electroporation can be used in treatment of Various Skin Problems like:

  • Pigmentation
  • Acne
  • Double Chin
  • Localized Cellulite
  • Back Glow
  • Hand Rejuvenation
  • Hair Growth
  • Skin Brightening

The Effectiveness of Electroporation treatment will depend upon the Effectiveness and Quality of the products applied topically.

The Frequency of Session is Weekly and Duration of Treatment varies from 2- 8 weeks depending upon the condition.

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