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The Live Well Diet is a prescription for a holistic change of lifestyle which involves a successful, tried and tested effective food, exercise and relaxation regime that will impact your life as a whole. It addresses all the concerns that are expressed when anyone embarks on a lifestyle change, and is the answer to people who have done everything possible to eat healthy and lose weight but have not achieved the desired results.

Dr. Sucheta will assist you to identify the cause of weight gain with the help of Nadi Vigyan and prescribe suitable diet plan and give herbal medication to rectify the imbalance.

Unique to the Live Well Diet are the A-B-C-D Diet Plans which are rotated in a prescribed sequence to keep your metabolism figuratively on its toes by providing different amounts of nutritionally varied foods through the week so your metabolism is encouraged to work at optimum levels at all times. In addition, walking and a few simple breathing exercises are all the energy burning activities you require to regulate your health and weight.

Key features of The Live Well Diet :-

  • Detailed rotating A-B-C-D diet plans to be followed in s a prescribed sequence.
  • Pure Herbal medication.
  • Special diet plans for eating out, travel and fasting.
  • Plans for diet-threatening situations like weddings, parties and vacations.
  • Specific dietary solutions to recover and make up for impulsive food choices.
  • Personal health, food and exercise record templates.
  • Suitable for people of all ages from every walk of life.
  • Weight and inches monitor chart.

We hope your habits will change, but more importantly, we hope your perspective on nutrition will change. When your perspective changes, it will be difficult to see your old way of eating as healthy or acceptable.

The path to a healthy way of life is quite simple:

Eat the right foods. Use high-quality supplements. Exercise appropriately. Manage stress. Get enough sleep. It's not overly complicated, but our lives often get in the way. Changing your lifestyle may not be an easy process but, through this plan, we'll keep it simple and focus on one habit at a time.

Dr.Sucheta Unnithan

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