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Dr Ashish Davalbhakta

Are You Unhappy With The Way You Look Now?

In my years of being a professional beautician I have learnt that make-up can only hide the signs of aging. It is a fact that our bodies tend to change significantly as we get over 30. However, we believe in make-up so much that we also start to get into the misconception that make-up is the answer as you anti-aging solution for all needs. We have to face the fact that although the signs may […]

I want to organise the wellness sector

Dr Ashish Davalbhakta is a board certified cosmetic surgeon with majority of his training in the UK and US. After returning from UK, he released that the cosmetic surgery, cosmetology and wellness sectors were very disorganized. There were no centers which catered to beauty and wellness needs in one place that is wellness sector. Dr Ashish says, “I firmly believe that people want a one stop shop where sub specialties which cater to looking and […]

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