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Aesthetic Medispa offers various treatments to combat the problem of hair loss. The treatments can boost your hair growth and help you achieve stronger and thicker hair.

hair growth boosters

About Hair growth boosters

Nowadays, hair loss has become a concern for every age group. Everyone wants to flaunt their naturally thick hair, but due to the problem of hair loss, it becomes difficult to flaunt them as they become thin and easily breakable. The bald patches caused due to hair loss can be very hard to deal with and can lead to low confidence in some people. 

To save you from the discomfort, Aesthetic Medispa offers various effective treatments that can help in growing your hair from hair follicles. The treatments include PRP(platelet-rich plasma), mesotherapy, and LASER helmet along with supplementary medicines. All these treatments are safe and less invasive.

What to expect at the time of consultation?

  • The doctor will analyze you and tell you the aspect of the treatment that is to be given to get a proper outcome.
  • The doctor will guide you through the procedure and will also answer all your questions and queries regarding the treatment.
  • The doctor will ask you for a medical history, existing health conditions, lifestyle habits, etc.
  • The doctor will ask you about the medications or supplements you take to avoid any interactions with the medicines. He might also ask you to stop certain medications for some time.

Who is an ideal candidate for hair growth boosters treatment?

  • The ideal candidate should be free from any skin disorders.
  • The ideal candidate shouldn’t be diabetic.
  • The ideal candidate shouldn’t be pregnant while undergoing treatment.
  • The ideal candidate shouldn’t be on blood thinners.
  • The ideal candidate shouldn’t have any chronic health condition.

If you fit in these criteria you can undergo the treatments provided at Aesthetic Medispa.

Aesthetic Medispa offers various treatments, that are: ​

1 - PRP injections

What is PRP injection treatment?

PRP means “platelet-rich plasma”. Platelet-rich plasma treatment uses rich plasma from the blood to heal your hair concerns faster due to the best growth factors that are present in the blood. PRP injection treatment involves a procedure in which blood is drawn from the patient’s arm and then blood is processed and injected into the targeted areas on the scalp.

PRP injection treatment is effective due to the growth factors and proteins that are present in the PRP that is needed for an increase in hair growth and to maintain it with the right amount of blood supply to the hair follicle. This not only helps in new growth but also strengthens the hair follicles that already exist.

What to expect at the time of PRP injection procedure?

The doctor will draw blood from the patient’s arm. Then the blood sample will be placed in a device called a centrifuge. The centrifuge rapidly spins the blood and separates the fluids. Then the doctor will extract the platelets with the help of a syringe and inject it into the focused areas on the scalp.

What to expect after PRP injection procedure?

This procedure may take 1 hour to complete and depending on the patient’s need the doctor might suggest several sessions to maintain hair growth. As there is a quick recovery period after this treatment, so patients can normally return to their daily activities. As this treatment is safe and doesn’t involve any risks.

2 - Mesotherapy

What is mesotherapy?

The growth factors that are used during mesotherapy are natural proteins that stimulate cell growth. They maintain a healthy appearance of hair by making it thick, strong, and healthy. The growth factor cocktails are rich in multivitamins which stimulates the follicles to improve the quality of hair.

Mesotherapy is a safe and painless non-surgical procedure. This procedure uses injections that are infused with the goodness of growth factors cocktails. The cocktails of nutrient-rich fluids are injected into the mesodermal layer(the layer that is between the skin tissues and the layer of fats) of the scalp. This treatment is effective in hair loss that might be caused due to various reasons like hormonal imbalance, less scalp microcirculation, chronic illness, weather changes, stress, and nutrients deficiency.

What to expect at the time of mesotherapy procedure?

The doctor will apply numbing cream on your scalp. Then the doctor will inject the growth factor cocktails into the mesoderm of the scalp with the help of a microneedle that is attached to an injection gun. Each injection places only a tiny drop of growth factor cocktails.

What to expect after mesotherapy procedure?

This treatment requires 3 -15 sessions to get the desired results. During the initial stages of treatment, the doctor might inject you every 8-10 days. Once the improvement is visible, each session will take place after a month. This treatment doesn’t have any recovery time as such but some people may need to take a day off due to the swelling.

The doctor will ask you to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly to get maximum benefits from this treatment.

What are the risks associated with mesotherapy treatment?

There are no risks associated with this treatment. But a rare amount of people might experience rashes, itching, pain, and redness at the injection sites.

3 - LASER helmet treatment

What is a laser helmet?

Laser light is a low-powered laser that emits light in a very specific wavelength and wattage. The red and near-infrared laser light that is emitted from the device(that looks like a helmet) stimulates cellular activity and promotes the regeneration and repair of tissues. This treatment is used for treating hair loss that causes baldness, thinning of the hair, and receding of the hairline.

 At Aesthetic Medispa, the doctor also provides supplementary medicines along with a laser helmet to make the treatment more effective. This treatment is painless and non-toxic and is used for promoting hair growth.

What to expect at the time of LASER helmet procedure?

During the procedure, the doctor will place the laser helmet on your head and turn it on by pressing a button.

What to expect after LASER helmet procedure?

The doctor will also give you some supplementary medicines along with this treatment to amplify your hair volume and stimulate hair growth. To get the desired results, you will need several sessions. There is no recovery period after this procedure so you can get back to your regular activities.

If you are experiencing hair loss, you can consult the doctor at Aesthetic  Medispa. Hair growth boosters are highly effective to achieve strong and thick hair and give your hair a healthy appearance. You can improve your hair quality with the help of these treatments that are provided by well-trained doctors at Aesthetic Medispa.


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