Hair Transplant – Who All Are Eligible For It?

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Hair density effectively means the number of follicular units present in one square centimeter. For an average male, the hair density stands at 90-110 follicular units for each square centimeter. When baldness sets in, the density of the follicle becomes thin. The density can then be increased through hair transplantation. Having said this, there are several implications of a successful hair transplant. This article will try to explore the same.

Natural appearance of the hair:

Often there are apprehensions among people as to how the transplanted hair will look like. To answer this, transplanted hair looks very natural, has a thick appearance and are long. High-density transplant is by far the most sort after technique to get a naturally looking hair.

Follicular units:

There are a few follicular units that the scalp possesses, which are permanent in nature. Doctors use these follicles for hair transplant in a person. For an average transplant, the density ranges from 45-60 follicular units in every square centimeter. At this rate, a person suffering from grade 4 baldness, requires around 2500 follicles to cover the mid-scalp region. However, for a thick transplant, it is necessary to have around 5000 follicular unit, meaning 100-110 follicular units in every square centimeter. Doctors have a to gauge whether there are 5000 follicular units available in a person. An over-inclusion of follicular units can permanently delete them, resulting in permanent baldness with no scope of future transplant. It is, therefore, necessary to correctly evaluate the number of permanent follicles available and the number of total follicular units to be transplanted.

Follicle survival:

Once a follicle gets implanted in the skin, it results in a lack of blood supply for the new hair. This is a critical condition since the lack of blood supply can destroy the follicular unit for good. Doctors, take a critical call as to how many punctures need to be made for a successful transplant. Patients suffering from diabetes or atherosclerosis are advised to consult their doctor before going ahead with a hair transplant. Since patients suffering from these diseases already have less blood supply in the scalp region, the effectiveness of a transplant comes under question.

Who is eligible for a high-density transplant?

A high-density transplant is only possible for those persons who have a greater number of permanent follicle units. It becomes effective for those patients whose area of baldness is relatively less as compared to others.

Surgery cost:

The cost of surgery depends on the number of follicular units transplanted. Since high-density transplant increases the cost slightly but the results are awesome. View More

Medical Hair Transplant Before-After Results:

Surgical Hair Transplant Before-After Results: