Why Pune is the best destination for Hair Transplant?

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Every one of us wishes to have an attractive look that gives a positive and powerful impression to the other person. Hair transplant is best options. This includes not only a good-looking and fit body but also, certain other aesthetic aspects, such as full and lush head of hair. However, this proves to be just a wish for most of us as hair fall and hair loss is a part of a majority of people’s lives.

Hair fall and chronic hair loss is caused due to a variety of reasons, such as genetics, unhealthy diet and various other such factors. Some of these factors can be controlled but the others are not in our control and can result in hair loss. The best and most effective treatment for hair loss today is the latest hair transplant cosmetic surgical procedure.

The Aesthetics Medispa, in Pune, is the leading cosmetic and aesthetic clinic in the central and western Indian region. This aesthetic-specialty clinic has been providing effective and affordable hair transplant procedures to every patient using the latest in cosmetic and surgical technology.

Hair Transplant – What is the need for it?

Hair transplants procedure is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic surgical procedures today. It is effectively used to restore hair density and induce hair growth in a person affected with chronic baldness.

Hair transplants procedure is mainly advised when the patient is suffering from hereditary or chronic baldness. Hereditary baldness is caused due to a genetic defect that mostly tends to run in families and is not curable.

Hair transplantation is also needed in cases where the hair loss is due to an injury, scar or a burn. In such cases, the hair transplants procedure helps to restore the hair back to its normal state at places where the hair is not growing any more.

Hair Transplant – Who is a candidate?

An ideal candidate for a hair transplant procedure is mainly a person, who:

Hair Transplant – How is it done?

Hair transplant is performed under various different methods, however, the main object of every hair transplant procedure is to source hair from a donor site and transplant these grafts into the bald area which ensures that the grafted hair grows in the place.

These are the various types of hair transplant procedures in use today and these differ either in the harvesting method or the grafting method. These are the various methods of harvesting hair and grafting it for a hair transplants procedure:

Why is Pune the best destination for Hair Transplant?

The residents of Pune were recently in good luck when the Aesthetics Medispa opened its high-tech cosmetic treatment and aesthetic surgery clinic in the city. Aesthetics Medispa is one of the most renowned names in the cosmetic and aesthetic field with patients flying in from all across the globe to get the best and most affordable hair transplant treatments in India. Aesthetics Medispa has the most experienced and trusted staff of cosmetic specialists and aesthetic surgeons who have the highest success rate for effective hair transplant treatment using the latest methods such as ARTAS hair transplantation and Robotic hair transplant methods.

Medical Hair Transplant Before-After Results:

Surgical Hair Transplant Before-After Results:

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