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Facelift surgery in India has come a long way. Where in the past, most surgeons would only tighten the skin, today; they also tighten the tissues underneath the cheeks and neck.  Several different techniques are utilized to achieve such tightening of the facial skin and tissues. No matter what procedure is used, a facelift surgeon ensures working within the deeper structures with minimal tension on the skin, thus guaranteeing long-term results.

Let us consider some FAQs (frequently asked questions) asked by real patients regarding facelift surgery India.

Facelift surgery can be avoided if I use sunscreen and other age-appropriate skincare routine….

Ans: The two things are totally unrelated. A good facelift surgeon in India will naturally encourage all his/her patients to avoid smoking, use proper sun protection and practice healthy habits to prevent aging as much as possible. It is vital that everyone uses SPF based moisturizers and follows other practices that can keep one’s skin healthy. That being said; age and time naturally shift the fat deposits underneath the skin. Where a good skin care routine will take care of the surface of the skin, a facelift surgery can bring about complete age reversal from within. In most cases, nearly a decade or two can be taken from one’s appearance.

Are there many side effects of such a surgery?

Ans: Every patient has a different reaction to surgeries of this kind. Some do not feel any side effects while others might experience a bit of fatigue, pain, or general ill health for a couple of days. There is a bit of swelling in the initial 48-72 hours, but this usually begins to subside within a couple of days provided all necessary precautions are taken.

What are the aftercare instructions, particularly dietary precautions, following facelift surgery India?

Ans: Your facelift surgeon from Aesthetics Medispa will give you detailed aftercare instructions. In general, it is important to drink plenty of fluids and eat only soft foods. You might experience a bit of difficulty while swallowing and chewing. Make sure you apply ice and take pain relieving medicines as prescribed. Avoid salty and fried foods as these can increase fluid retention and swelling. Also avoid carbonated drinks, alcohol and sodas which tend to prolong swelling and healing; fresh fruit juices are certainly recommended.

What is recovery time for a facelift surgery in India? When can one resume normal activities?

Ans: Since the facelift surgeons work on deeper levels of the skin, such a surgery would typically take 10-14 days for complete recovery. Normal activities may be resumed following this period. However, it is advisable not to swim, lift heavy weights or engage in other strenuous physical activities for at least 3-5 weeks. Your facelift surgeon from Aesthetics Medispa will examine you and decide when you can take these activities up again, during your follow-up appointments.

Will I look ‘tight’ and ‘weird’ following facelift surgery?

Ans: Here is where a good facelift surgeon can make a difference. The aim of every cosmetic expert should be to achieve the results in a very natural and artistic manner. So there should not be a noticeable difference and yet you should get many compliments! At Aesthetics Medispa, our team of talented and experienced facelift surgeons will ensure give you a younger look without artificial tightness.

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