Is Your Facelift Surgeon India Using Shortcuts?

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Did you know that many cosmetic surgeons in India actually use the term “facelift” in a rather misleading manner? All facelift surgeries are not created equal: there are different types of facelifts including an upper facelift, lower facelift, a full facelift or even half or mini facelift. Today, many a facelift surgeon India is known to take shortcuts in the classic procedure; s/he usually manipulates the original procedure to make it simpler and also help speed up recovery for the patient. However, the very fact that these steps are incorporated in the procedure is for ensuring more natural and longer lasting results. These steps are thus the very essence of a beautifully performed facelift surgery, and such short cut methods are not going to give one the results one is looking for.

Hence; it is very important to go to the best facelift surgeon India. This is also the main reason why you should be asking yourself the question: am I getting what I am paying for?

Apples to apples comparison: All facelifts are not the same

As stated before, not all facelift procedures are the same. Today, you will hear of facelift surgeons India advertising “revolutionary or breakthrough procedures” that guarantee amazing results without anesthesia or minimal downtime. The question is: how do you compare these procedures? Some of the procedures we read about in newspaper advertorials actually come across as ‘too good to be true’. Remember: if you read words like “affordable, minimal recovery, and no downtime” regarding facelift surgeries, then they are probably actually too good to be true.

Let us understand this with a simple example.

One of the most important aspects of a facelift is an incision made towards the backside of the ear. This is the hardest part of the procedure and many of the so-called expert ‘facelift surgeons in India’ are known to omit this important step. Not only is it harder to perform, it actually requires a great deal of training and experience. However; this step is also very critical for getting the best results as it is this incision that actually allows the skin to be tightened in the most natural manner and direction. Needless to say, this step is critical for patients aged 40 and above to help remove decades off their faces. Failure to do this step would simply bring back the excess skin in a couple of years, thereby requiring another facelift in a shorter period of time.

Another important step omitted by many a facelift surgeon in India is the one-inch incision made beneath the chin necessary to free up the muscles underneath. This is done in order to eliminate neck bands that give one an ‘aged’ appearance. By omitting this vital step, the neck banding is bound to return in a couple of years.

Facelift Surgery: Make sure you get what you pay for:

Both these examples show that a short-cut facelift surgery would give you short-term results whereas a comprehensive lift would provide better and longer-lasting results.

Dr. Ashish Davalbhakta is one of the most experienced facelift surgeons India, practicing at Aesthetics Medispa and he would never omit these steps. The techniques he uses guarantee longer-lasting results that are also safe, artistic, and completely natural. You simply cannot get a classic facelift without the critical steps explained above. So, before you invest your time and money in a facelift procedure, make sure you do your research well. You will probably only have one facelift surgery in a lifetime; so make sure you get what you pay for!

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