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Skin Glow

A glowing and shining skin is the sign of a healthy and youthful skin and this is a known fact. Every one of us wishes to retain or restore the smooth and clear skin of our youth as the age advances. Each advancing year takes a certain toll on the skin of the body as well as the face. Although there are a lucky few who are hardly seemed to be affected by the hands of age the majority of us show visible signs of aging, especially in the skin, as we become older.

There are literally thousands of healthcare and skincare products in the market today that make exaggerated claims of improving skin tone and even complexion however almost all of these are fake and fall short on their promise, a few of the more obscure ones are even known to cause dangerous side-effects.

If you are unhappy with the tone and texture of your skin and wish to remove the general sign of aging (such as wrinkles and liver-spots) then it is highly recommended to consult a experienced dermatologist (skin care specialist) or a cosmetic specialist to discuss your issues. In the expert of cosmetic specialists at skin clinic Aesthetics Medispa are well-trained in diagnosing the cause for the skin problem and advise on the best-suited treatment for treating it as well.

There are various reasons for skin blemishes besides aging, such as thyroid or hormonal imbalance, side-effects from certain medications as well as prolonged exposure to the sun.

These are the various skin improvement treatments available at skin clinic Aesthetics Medispa:


Skin Pigmentation treatment

Prolonged exposure to the sun without adequate solar protection tends to darken the pigmentation of the skin and make it look tanned. There are several other obscure reasons for this condition as well. At Aesthetics Medispa, we use only the most advanced and proven methods for skin lightening to improve your skin tone and complexion also.


Fruit Peels

These are short cosmetic procedures and are performed using the most effective concoction of all-natural fruits and herbs to give the skin a natural glow. This treatment is also helpful in treating acne problems as well as other pigmentation-related problems which darken the complexion of your skin. These special fruit peels are designed to gently remove the top-most layer of the skin which is dead and helps to reveal your lighter original complexion


Skin Polishing

Micro-dermabrasion is one of the most popular skin exfoliating techniques used in cosmetic skin treatments today at Aesthetics Medispa. This uses an advanced cosmetic device which has tiny crystals flowing through a hand-held instrument. These small crystals are helpful in gently and steadily peeling away the upper dead skin and reveal the inner natural complexion as well as making the skin feel smoother and fresh.


Oxy Facial

This is a complete skin treatment method that includes 8 procedures in 1. It helps by exfoliating, hydrating and giving an instant and natural glow to the skin. This advanced skin treatment technique is also one of the most reliable methods of acne scar removal.

At Aesthetics Medispa we aim to provide the most reliable and effective skin care treatments that help you to regain the glow and improvement in the aging skin.

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