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Yellow peel / Retinoic Peel

Yellow peel is mask peel, which is also called Retinoic peel. It has Retinoic acid as the main content along with other ingredients. Yellow peel gives excessive visible exfoliation which can last from 3 to 7 days. It has less probability of complications, and well tolerated.

Retinoic acid peel can also effectively cleanse the skin, has anti-inflammatory effects, makes skin glow, improves skin texture and structure

Benefits of Retinoic Acid Peels (Yellow Peels)---The peel helps to slow down the skin's ageing process, improves skin texture and remodels its contour, and achieves a pronounced rejuvenating and whitening effect. There is also a strong antioxidant effect.


Who should go for the yellow peel

  • those who want to improve skin texture
  • disruption of skin’s natural moisture balance
  • mimic wrinkles
  • loss of skin elasticity and strength
  • need for skin whitening
  • excessive pigmentation caused by solar radiation
  • skin aging and sun damaged skin
  • acne
  • hyperpigmentation
  • Sun spots / aging brown spots.


Who should not go for yellow peel:

  • warts – can cause further viral shedding from a wart
  • photosensitivity – high skin sensitivity to solar or other types of UV radiation
  • atopic skin, eczema, seborrheic dermatitis etc. – indicate skin hypersensitivity (reactivity)
  • viral infections – under the influence of retinoids and acids, can cause herpes lesions in patients with a history of herpes
  • various allergies – indicate the probability of severe skin reaction to the treatment, also increased with the use of retinol that makes skin more reactive
  • compatibility with pharmaceutical products – those who have taken roaccutane should wait at least half a year before getting a retinoic acid peel

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