10 Most Sought Plastic Surgeries

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Plastic Surgeries is a blessing to those who are either not happy with the structure of a particular part of the body or those who feel an inferiority complex due to deformity by birth. The surgical process brings excellent results and boosts the confidence and positivity. Here is the list of 10 surgeries that top the list.

Liposuction: It reduces the fat deposition beneath the skin on the stomach. A vacuum device sucks fat deposition and makes tummy, buttocks, and hips slim and trim.
Rhinoplasty: Known popularly as Nose job, it reshapes extraordinarily long or short nose. It also reshapes the nostrils and changes the angle of the nose with respect to the upper lip.
Breast augmentation: Disproportionately large or small breasts are reshaped using plastic surgery procedures. Extra fat and tissues are removed to reduce the size, and artificial implants are installed to make them bigger.
Breast lift: Shape of breast changes with age or childbirth. Plastic surgery procedures make them firm and youthful. Breast lift works on the sex appeal of the breasts, and it is different from augmentation that concentrates on reduction or enlargement.
Drooping eyelids: Technically known as blepharoplasty, it corrects the extra fat, skin and muscles on the eyelids. It is quite popular among women. It enhances the appearance of eyes.
Dermabrasion: Wrinkles and blemishes on the face are rubbed out using high-speed rotating tools. It is like scraping away the top layers of the skin.
Forehead lift: Aging process causes lines and droops on the forehead. Surgeons remove tissues and tighten the skin.
Facelift: It takes a long time but offers incredible results. Loosened skin of the face and neck is removed and grafted again. It is a greatly effective surgery for enhancing the appearance.
Tummy Tuck: It is different than Liposuction. In this surgery, layers of fat are removed along with the excess skin. Tummy becomes flat and changes the appearance dramatically.
Hair transplant: Though it is not exactly a plastic surgery, in some cases skin grafting may be necessary when there are patches.

The plastic surgery treats deformities or disproportions quite effectively. It enhances the appearance and makes the patients happy. However, it is critically important that the surgeon is expert and proficient. The more cases he has handled in the past, greater are the results. In spite of being a costly procedure, it is preferred due to the increasing awareness of beauty and appearance.