How Is The Recovery After Rhinoplasty Surgery?

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What Is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty surgery or a nose job is a cosmetic surgery procedure used to improve the appearance of the nose. It can be used to change the size or shape of the nose. Rhinoplasty surgery is often chosen by people who are unhappy with the appearance of their noses. The nose is shaped into the desired shape during rhinoplasty surgery. It can create a straight, pointed nose or make it shorter and more narrow. The ideal nose may be smaller or bigger depending on the individual. If any of the cartilage in the nose is injured, it may need to be replaced with cartilage from another part of the body.

Recovery time after rhinoplasty surgery depends on how much work has been done. However, most people will experience pain, bruising, and swelling for about three days to two weeks, followed by 2-3 months of nasal packing before they can fully breathe through their nose again. 

This blog discusses what to expect after rhinoplasty surgery in detail so you know what’s ahead if you decide to go through with it

How Is Rhinoplasty Performed?

Rhinoplasty surgery is usually performed with general anesthesia. This means that you will be asleep and will not feel any pain. The surgeon makes an incision either inside the nostrils or on the underside of the nose so that the scars are hidden. The surgeon then separates the skin from the bone and cartilage. The bone and cartilage are then reshaped into the desired shape and size. The skin is reattached and the incisions are closed.

What Is The Procedure For Rhinoplasty?

The technique for rhinoplasty surgery would depend on what has to be achieved. Learn about the different rhinoplasty techniques performed at Advanced Aesthetics in detail.

What To Expect During Recovery After Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Recovery time after rhinoplasty surgery varies from person to person. The healing process after rhinoplasty surgery is gradual. The body starts to heal itself immediately after the surgery is completed. 

Most people feel some pain and swelling after surgery. The pain can be controlled with medication. The swelling usually goes down within a few weeks. You may have to wear a bandage or splint on your nose for a week or two following surgery.

Healing occurs as the body replaces the damaged tissue with new tissue. This process takes time. The new tissue will be weak and susceptible to injury in the early stages of healing. You should avoid any strenuous activity for the first week or two after surgery. You will also need to avoid putting any pressure on your nose. This includes bending over, lifting heavy objects, and blowing your nose.

It is important to follow the surgeon’s instructions. The surgeon will tell you how much to move and when to remove the splint around the nose. Most people take a week off from work after rhinoplasty surgery. It usually takes about three months for all of the swelling to go away. Protecting the nose from sun exposure is necessary during this period.

After How Long Will The Results Be Seen?

Most people see the results of rhinoplasty surgery within three months. However, the final results may not be seen until a year after the surgery was performed. If you want to learn a few tips to speed up your recovery after rhinoplasty surgery and see the results faster, check out this blog.

Rhinoplasty Before-Afters:

If you are looking for an effective way to improve your appearance and enhance your self-esteem, then it is time to get rhinoplasty surgery.