Top Quick Ways to Lose Weight Quickly

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Everyone knows the ways to lose weight. But what everyone wants is to try those methods that are quick solution to their accumulating fat deposits. In our fast lives, who has the time to experiment with weight losing techniques? Below are top quick solutions for your problem. These are not just effective but healthy and natural methods to get rid of that excess fat in your body.

  1. Try Detox Drinks: It is tried, tested and proved that de-tox drinks work wonders. With little effort, you can make your detox drink at home itself. The previous night you have to take six glasses of water, add one half cut lemon, one T spoon of honey, slice one cucumber into round slices and add to this. Mint leaves should also be added. Crush pieces of ginger and add to this. Leave this drink for the night. The next day, filter all the ingredients. Drink one glass at regular intervals. This will improve your digestion and clear accumulated waste materials from your body. This water will be slightly sour and tangy but contains oodles of fat dissolving power. It works effectively with obese people. Researches have proved that many people have benefitted from drinking detox drinks like these.
  2. Do Some Kick Ass Exercises: Stop being a couch potato. Join a sports club. Doing activity in a group is beneficial. Joining gym is always the right idea but when you have a group of friends with you, it becomes even more motivating. Like de-addiction courses, weight losing missions also yield best results when practiced in groups.
  3. Have Dinner Before 7 p.m.: Research have proved that people who eat dinner at least three hours before sleeping accumulate less fat than people who eat few minutes before sleeping. This is a healthy way to curb excess fat deposit. When you sleep atleast three hours after having dinner, there is better metabolism of the food. Digestion is good the next day and your tummy is more healthy. Brisk walking before going to bed is also advised.
  4. Green Tea: Green Tea, as experts agree, has many health benefits apart from catalyzing burning of fat. Drinking green tea empty stomach is noted to be very beneficial for health. Digestion is good and metabolism rate is high. It works as a detoxing agent for the body.
  5. Choose Healthy, Fat Free Diet: Since most people in our generation prefer to have a working life, we often over look how much unhealthy food goes inside us everyday. Eating form outside is a common practice these days. Even school children eat from outside eateries. Avoiding eating from outside itself will add to your health. Stop midnight snacking, for those who stay up all night working on their laptops. Take a stroll in your house itself when you feel the temptation to snack on something. Simply drinking a glass of water will help you to control your appetite.
  6. Maintain a Diet Dairy: Most dieticians suggest this. When you jot down your food intake of the day, you yourself observe how much and what all you have eaten. Of course you have to see the nutrients in the food not just the food. This will also help you to compare your diet with the previous day or week. This will be as good as an introspection into your own diet and eating habits.
  7. Avoid Sedentary Life Style: Yes it is indeed difficult as most of us work on the computer. And when we are not working we like to relax by browsing Facebook. That is a dangerous habit we adopt even despite of knowing the harm. So the best we can do is avoid sitting when we are not working. Taking walking breaks in between working hours is beneficial. Though nothing will benefit you as much as a one hour morning hour walk will do.

The amount of success you have with these methods depends on the strength of your will power. Develop determination and zeal to overcome your weakness. Maintaining a diary exclusively for your weight loss aims will help. Involving your family and friends in your weight lose plan will be beneficial. Get inclined towards health in general. Read and discuss regarding healthy habits. Acquire knowledge about nutrient content and fat in different food items. Channelizing your mind towards healthy eating will create an inner motivation to control bad eating. Emotional eating or binge eating should also be avoided.