Tummy Tuck Surgery in India: Important Preparation Checklist

Tummy Tuck Surgery in India: Important Preparation Checklist

If you have decided to go in for Abdominoplasty or a tummy tuck surgery in India, do read this pre and post operative checklist to help you better prepare for the procedure.

Pre and post operative Checklist for Tummy Tuck

For a few days after the surgery, you will probably be a bit sore and in no shape to perform daily tasks. If you are working, you might need to take some time off to recover. It is best if you can get someone to help you with the cooking and cleaning. If needed, get your pantry stocked up with grocery items, especially some ready-to-eat or frozen/microwaveable dinners and lunches.  You will likely be a bit nauseated after the surgery, so do stock up on crackers, dried ginger strips or anything else that helps you with the nausea.

Here are some general items along with some medications that your tummy tuck surgeon will ask you to stock up on:

  1. Medicines: Antibiotics and pain meds as well as other prescribed drugs
  2. Oral contraceptives and other birth control measures to avoid pregnancy – (since it is best to not conceive immediately following the tummy tuck surgery.)
  3. Dressings, bandages etc
  4. Antibacterial hand-wash, hand sanitizer, wipes and tissues
  5. Anti scar creams (as advised by the surgeon).
  6. Arnica-homeopathic remedy for faster healing
  7. Heating pads, hot compresses or cold compresses (as advised by the doctor for pain relief.)

Miscellaneous items

After the surgery you will likely spend some time in bed. So here are some items to keep ready:

  1. Comfortable pillows for the head and body
  2. Recliner or a comfortable chair since you need to keep your upper body elevated as much as possible.
  3. Pen and paper/journal to record your thoughts. Digital camera-in case you want to document the surgery results step by step with before and after photos.
  4. Video games like Nintendo or Sudoku/crossword puzzles to keep you occupied.
  5. Books, magazines, Kindle, Tablets, hand-held devices
  6. Music CDs
  7. For women with long hair, some clips or bands to tie it up.
  8. Moisturizer creams for hands, legs (or body cream) –to be kept handy by the bed.
  9. Comfortable sleepwear-PJs, robes, slippers.
  10. Comb, mirror, basic makeup items for women or grooming kit for men
  11. Bucket or bedpan in case you get sick
  12. Mobile phone, charger
  13. Laptop charger with long extension in case you want to work/read/watch movies etc in bed.
  14. Buy the items mentioned above
  15. Clean your house.
  16. Cook ahead and freeze the meals-unless you have someone coming to help you with these chores.
  17. Do the laundry.
  18. Set up an out-of-office reply for your professional mail in case you are planning to take some time off from work.
  19. Place all the items you will need after the surgery at a higher level since you must not bend after the tummy tuck surgery.
  20. Get someone to help with the kids, watering of the plants, pets etc.

List of things to do before the tummy tuck surgery

Finally, relax! Your recovery after the tummy tuck surgery will be a lot faster if you are in good spirits mentally. You will also feel better day by day and the soreness will reduce. You are going to look great and all you need is a bit of patience.

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