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One of the most beautiful and intriguing features on our faces is the nose. A perfectly shaped and well-proportioned nose adds not only balance to the other facial features but it also adds immensely to the beauty and attraction quotient.

There are thousands of people all around the globe who wish that their nose shape and size was better, or they could somehow improve their nose to improve their aesthetics features. Rhinoplasty comes in play at this time. Rhinoplasty is a commonly performed cosmetic surgical procedure that aims to correct the size and shape of the nose of a person. Rhinoplasty is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic surgeries worldwide.

Rhinoplasty usually involves making a small incision inside the nasal cavity (nostrils) through which the cosmetic surgeon can remove cartilage and bone (if necessary) to improve the shape and size of the patient’s nose as desired and realistically possible.


Rhinoplasty is a fairly common cosmetic surgical procedure. It involves administering local anesthesia to the nose region in order to numb it so the patient does not feel pain or discomfort during the procedure. This procedure is usually performed as an outpatient procedure.


The surgeon will normally make incisions inside the nose (nasal cavity) so that the scars from the incisions (if any) are almost invisible. These incisions allow the surgeon to use special miniaturized surgical tools to gain access to the internal nasal structure made of cartilage and soft and small bones.

The surgeon uses these special minimally invasive cosmetic surgical method (called as an endoscopic method) to perform the required surgical alterations by removing select cartilage and bones with precision. The surgeon might also need to drape the tissue and skin again over the changed nasal tissue structure. This allows the nose to get the desired shape and size.

Rhinoplasty – Who needs it?

Rhinoplasty is basically desired by people who:

Rhinoplasty – Possible risks involved

As is seen in any surgical operation, the rhinoplasty surgical technique may also involve certain risks of complications, such as:

The surgeon/doctor will take every possible precautionary measure to ensure that these and other possible complications are avoided.

Today, with the advances in medical and surgical science the cosmetic field has gained significant benefits, such as advanced methods of surgical operations that render the risks negligible due to the surgical procedures.

Today, surgeons in Pune (India) are adapting to the most advanced and efficient cosmetic surgical techniques to perform effective and successful rhinoplasty procedure.

Advances in Rhinoplasty in Pune, India

India is home to some of the most expert and well-trained cosmetic specialists and aesthetic surgeons. This immense pool of medical and healthcare talent collectively works to advance the methods of cosmetic and aesthetic surgeries and treatments in order to provide the patients from all over the globe with the most effective and convenient rhinoplasty surgery in India.

Aesthetics Medispa is India’s leading center for aesthetic transformation. State-of-the-art facilities with superior quality care and treatment at par with similar facilities in the UK, with the same level of cleanliness, safety, and comfort. We have a full-fledged operating theatre that is integrated into the day surgery facility, where most of the Rhinoplasty procedures are performed.

Dr. Ashish has an expertise in Rhinoplasty surgery. He has improved many techniques of Rhinoplasty which are sure to give each and every patient a beautiful and more natural looking nose. He specializes in scar-less surgery and other techniques of removing nasal obstructions from airways to ensure that patients do not face breathing problems following the procedure. He uses a number of advanced techniques, 3D scopes, dissolvable sutures, and smaller incisions, all of which ensure faster healing for Rhinoplasty patients. He also uses advanced computer imaging to predict the likely outcome of an ideal nose that will be in harmony with other facial features.

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